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Shank Firewood Drill Bit

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Stop Wasting Countless Hours Chopping Wood by Axe!


The Shank Firewood Drill Bit Gets the Pieces of Wood You Need More Efficiently and In a Fraction of the Time! 

More Efficient

The Shank Firewood Drill Bit will allow you to cut wood more than 2x times as fast as compared to using a traditional ax. It’s much safer, and your back will thank you for it!

 Hex Shank Firewood Drill Bit – cracys

Easy to Use

The Shank Firewood Drill Bit has wide application. You can use it to split tough oak, hickory, walnut, sycamore, and more. This product is great for professionals or even in-home use. Just install the bit in the electric drill and start working.


High Quality

The Shank Firewood Drill Bit is made of high-speed steel, one of the superior materials used for cutting. This drill bit is impact-resistant, long-lasting, and remarkably durable.





    Material: High-speed steel
    Bit diameter: 32mm / 42mm (1.25in / 1.65in) 
    Weight: 1.10lbs / 1.43lbs 

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